Movie Star

Well this week saw my, and my car’s, first foray into the world of acting.  A great friend of mine, Andre Renner and his partner in Recoil Films Sean J Vincent, are making a trailer for their next movie – ‘Their Law’.  Check out the full details at it’s going to be an awesome film.

What I discovered;

–          Filming is long winded and it takes a lot of time and effort to get just a few seconds of quality footage.

–          It was very cold waiting around between shots in a car park, and spending a couple of hours being shoved into a van and shot (repeatedly!) until about midnight in mid-January!

–          A lot of thought goes into shots / scenes to make sure everything from the layout and backgrounds to the lighting is spot on.

–          I had a great time, and am hoping to be involved in their future projects!

Overall, I had a great couple of evenings helping out, and met some great guys.

The only downside seems to have been that repeatedly locking and unlocking the car for a scene appears to have broken the central locking on the Exige, so it is currently stranded on the drive until I can get it fixed and unlock the doors!

When it is released please support this movie, it’s looking great and the guys are putting a lot of work into it.



Author: Kevin Fielder

Innovative and dynamic security professional, with a passion for driving change by successfully engaging with all levels of the business. I am a determined individual with proven ability to provide security insights to the business, in their language. These insights have gained board buy in for delivering security strategy aligned to key business goals. This is achieved by understanding the need to drive change through people, process and technology, rather than focusing exclusively on any one area. I take pride in being a highly articulate, motivational and persuasive team-builder. I have a strategic outlook with the ability to engage with and communicate innovative and effective security solutions to all levels of management. Along with a proven ability to translate security into business language and articulate the business benefits I am also passionate about leading security innovations and making security a key part of the business proposition to its customers. Security should be made a key differentiator to drive sales and customer retention, not just a cost centre! Outside of work I am a proud husband and father to an awesome family, and a passionate CrossFit coach and athlete.

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