Book reviews / impressions

I read quite a lot of books relating to technology / architecture / security along with some about learning and motivation, presentation advice and popular science.  So I thought it might be of interest to some readers of this blog to see reviews and thoughts about books I have read, especially if they are in an area you have an interest in!

To aid the organisation of this blog I have added a new category ‘Book Reviews and Impressions’  look out for this if you’re interested in my thoughts on books you may want to read.

The reason I have called this category reviews and impressions is because some will be proper full reviews while others will likely be much shorter brief overviews / impressions of a given book.  I’ll freely admit to having stolen the impressions term from Richard Bejtlich who writes the Tao security blog along with some great books as he uses the review / impression distinction in a similar manner.

I’ll start by posting thoughts on a few books I have read recently, so these may not be 100% thorough as they are not books I am reading currently.  I’ll then continue the process by reviewing books as I read them.



Author: Kevin Fielder

Innovative and dynamic security professional, with a passion for driving change by successfully engaging with all levels of the business. I am a determined individual with proven ability to provide security insights to the business, in their language. These insights have gained board buy in for delivering security strategy aligned to key business goals. This is achieved by understanding the need to drive change through people, process and technology, rather than focusing exclusively on any one area. I take pride in being a highly articulate, motivational and persuasive team-builder. I have a strategic outlook with the ability to engage with and communicate innovative and effective security solutions to all levels of management. Along with a proven ability to translate security into business language and articulate the business benefits I am also passionate about leading security innovations and making security a key part of the business proposition to its customers. Security should be made a key differentiator to drive sales and customer retention, not just a cost centre! Outside of work I am a proud husband and father to an awesome family, and a passionate CrossFit coach and athlete.

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