Gone to the dark side..

Of companies and operating systems..  As a long term Window and Linux user with very little experience of Macs I recently made the move to the word of Apple.  While this is outside of the scope of my usual posts that tend to relate to enterprise security and architecture, I thought I would share as this is a pretty fundamental shift in my personal computing world.

I’m still not a fan of Apple as a company as I’m fundamentally against the whole ethos of locking people into a specific ecosystem with the clear intention of letting you only use that companies products and making it very hard to shift away once all your music etc is in iTunes / iWhatever.

However as a piece of hardware I totally love the Mac Book Pro, and the retina screen is amazing.

First impressions of the O/S are that it is OK, I seem to be getting around alright, and the ability to drop to a Linux command line is a great help.  The multi touch mouse pad is excellent, as is the ability to use it to ‘right click’ on links etc.  which is a great help!

So far I’ve installed Chrome, M$ office for Mac, Parallels, VLC, a few utilities and photo editing software.

I’m also pleasantly surprised by the battery life, given that this is a fairly powerful i7 CPU, Nvidia graphics (with automatic switching to Intel) etc.  even with the screen reasonably bright, and running a couple of virtual machines it still lasts several hours on the battery.

Overall so far very impressed, amazing screen, excellent battery life, great performance even when running multiple VMs, I think in part due to the decent SSD, and all in a lovely, relatively light weight aluminium package.  As mentioned still not really a fan of Apple as a company, but then how many large profit driven businesses really care about anything other than maximising profit? But I am a convert to the Mac Book as a useful and great to use tool.

I’ll likely post the odd update during the year as I get more used to the O/S and start exploring the performance and features of the device.



Your smartphone is your PC!

Well nearly..

You can now run a full version of Ubuntu on your Android phone;


While phones are clearly not yet as powerful as laptops, they are becoming powerful enough to run standard productivity applications and web browsers etc which accounts for the majority of non gaming PC / Mac use.

This clearly marks a leap forward in that direction as well, allowing you to run what is in reality a fully fledged O/S with full versions of Open Office etc.

Plug your phone into a TV or monitor, use a Bluetooth keyboard and you are all set with a mini PC..

Luckily enough I’m about at the end of my current contract so will be swapping to an HTC one X in the near future.  I’ll download and give this mobile Ubuntu version a try then report back.

The future with your PC in your pocket, literally, is almost here!


Movie Star

Well this week saw my, and my car’s, first foray into the world of acting.  A great friend of mine, Andre Renner and his partner in Recoil Films Sean J Vincent, are making a trailer for their next movie – ‘Their Law’.  Check out the full details at http://www.theirlaw.com/ it’s going to be an awesome film.

What I discovered;

–          Filming is long winded and it takes a lot of time and effort to get just a few seconds of quality footage.

–          It was very cold waiting around between shots in a car park, and spending a couple of hours being shoved into a van and shot (repeatedly!) until about midnight in mid-January!

–          A lot of thought goes into shots / scenes to make sure everything from the layout and backgrounds to the lighting is spot on.

–          I had a great time, and am hoping to be involved in their future projects!

Overall, I had a great couple of evenings helping out, and met some great guys.

The only downside seems to have been that repeatedly locking and unlocking the car for a scene appears to have broken the central locking on the Exige, so it is currently stranded on the drive until I can get it fixed and unlock the doors!

When it is released please support this movie, it’s looking great and the guys are putting a lot of work into it.